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      How to match bags?

      2017-08-07 ?3555 字號
      In order to save time, many women use the same bag on different occasions, but they don't seem incongruous because they don't match the dress / the occasion.
      Fashion women are advised to prepare several different bags for different occasions, such as work, leisure and dinner. Different colors / styles of clothes should also match the bags.
      First, the white clothes and bag collocation
      White is the most holy color, this color is more suitable for light colored bag with it. White leisure assembly with a yellowish bag, color soft coordination; with a lilac, also do not lose a successful combination, with a light pink bag, can give a person gentle and elegant feeling. White suits more suitable for mauve and its similar tone bag matching, the effect is good. The combination of red and white is bold, fashionable, and looks warm and smart. In a strong contrast, the heavier the white, the softer it feels.
      Two, blue clothes and bag collocation
      The blue dress is most easily with all kinds of color bag collocation, whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, are relatively easy collocation, and blue have very good tightening body effect, is a beautiful figure of choice. Blue coat collocation Khaki bag, feeling more coordination; and white bag collocation is needless to say, the blue and white collocation itself is relatively common. The color is more deep, especially similar to black blue occupation suit, with color inside bag fit for some formal occasions, not only ornaments decent, bright curve with a lightsome enchanting romantic.
      Three, black clothes and bag collocation
      Black belongs to calm, with mysterious color, no matter what color put together, there will be no amorous feelings, so I always feel that the choice of black people, mostly wise people, absolutely first-class. Red black collocation is itself a classic, black and white collocation is the best combination of timeless, even with a somewhat difficult to match color collocation, if it is a consistent style, the effect is almost incomparable, sunshine, avant-garde, fashion, youth, similar words will continuously flock to your name. That's all right. Take it easy.